Web Application & External Infrastructure

Our team of Penetration Testers have extensive experience testing the security of web applications and the external infrastructure hosting them.


We will provide you with a report of all vulnerabilities discovered and take you through best practises to patch them.


Why Should I Have A Penetration Test Performed When There Are Automated Security Scanners That I Can Utilise?

Automated security scanners are useful tools but they are only able to test the security of your web applications and the external infrastructure hosting them based upon default payloads and probes.


Why Choose Us?

The real value in contracting us to perform a Penetration Test for you, is that you are paying for experienced security experts to perform manual testing to identify security vulnerabilities that automated tools often miss. Automated tools are used by all penetration testing companies but they should only be used to supplement manaul testing. 


Unlike other Penetration Testing companies we do not believe in charging extortionate fees and assure you that our pricing is the best in the market.