The Human Risk Element

With the awareness of recent high profile data breaches, a lot of companies have became better at patching software vulnerabilities that exist in their external, internet facing web applications and infrastructure.


What fewer companies adequately address is the human risk posed to them by their employees. Due to the fact that employees are entrusted with sensitive company information, they pose one of the biggest company risks. Malicious parties will target employees using Social Engineering attacks to steal sensitive company information and gain a foothold into the company's internal infrastructure.


The only way to address this risk is company wide security awareness training that is carried out annually to educate your employees.


Why Do I Need A Social Engineering Engagement?

To test that your employees have learned from the undertaken security awareness training a Penetration Testing company should be contracted to play the role of a malicious party trying to gain information from them.


Why Choose Us?

Our team of Penetration Testers have years of experience carrying out Social Engineering Engagements consisting of Spear Phishing and telephone campaigns.


Unlike other Penetration Testing companies we do not believe in charging extortionate fees and assure you that our pricing is the best in the market.